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Roses are one of the flowers with more meanings. They are symbol of love, sweetness, friendship, purity … But did you know that the meaning of roses changes according to their color?

Red rose
If there is something that reflects the feeling of love , it is the red rose. Red roses are the quintessential symbol of love, lovers, passion, fire …

Red roses have other meanings  than just  romantic love, they also symbolize admiration and respect. So if a friend ever gives you a bouquet of red roses, they are not necessarily thinking of putting a wedding ring on your finger!

White Rose
White rose symbolizes purity and innocence . White roses are usually chosen by brides to make their bouquets. White symbolizes perpetuity, something that will last a lifetime. White roses, like red ones, are related to love, although from a much more chaste and pure perspective. When a couple gives each other white flowers they are showing that they hope to build a common and lasting future.

If a family member or close friend is ill, sending a bouquet of white roses means that you wish for their speedy recovery.

Pink rose
Pink roses are the ones that expresses the greatest number of feelings: If they give you pink roses , they are praising your sympathy and frankness. Roses of this color symbolize  appreciation, warmth, a positive attitude, and beauty. The intensity of these feelings varies depending on the greater or lesser coloration of the rose. The more intense the color, the more intense the feelings expressed.

Yellow Rose
It is the color of friendship,  the perfect flower to celebrate parties and birthdays.

But it is also the color of the superstitious. If the person who gives you yellow roses is not a close person, perhaps he hides an ulterior motive behind his smile. Be suspicious!

Orange rose
Orange roses represent joy, satisfaction with the success achieved. It is also a color that indicates caution.

The orange rose can be a good gift to send messages as support or thanks.

Blue Rose
Harmony, trust, affection. Blue roses symbolize the color of the sky for which they transmit relaxing, calming, liberating feelings. If you put blue roses in your house or give them to someone who is nervous or distressed, you will be able to reduce tension and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Green roses
The green roses  has always been a symbol of hope and  balance between body and mind.

Therefore, a good time to give a green rose is the time when a new relationship begins, or when starting a new project, whether business or personal.

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