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Our History

Hispanoroses is a family-run farm at the foot of the white-capped Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador.

For nearly 20 years we’ve grown some of the world’s most beautiful roses at 3,100 meters above sea level. Why does this matter? Well the high altitude, closeness to the equator with year-round sunshine and the nutrient-rich volcanic soil, are all what make our roses very special, to us and our customers. We’ve been passionately growing a variety of roses since 2002, with more than 60 vibrant shades including personalised colors tailor-made to order.

At Hispanoroses, we combine sustainable innovative state-of-the-art technology/agricultural practices with local indigenous knowledge, respecting the land and its people. The result is hand-picked premium ‘cut-on-demand’ roses, shipped directly to customers, no matter where in the world.

Our expertise focuses on detail and quality control from start to end – planting, nursing, harvesting and cutting .. stem by stem .. farm to door. If you’re looking for the highest quality, big-budded, strong roses of a variety of lengths and a long vase life – then Hispanoroses is for you. For more details, check our ‘Contact Us’ section.

Our mission

Dedicated to Growing Only The Best Premium Roses

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HISPANOROSES is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the cultivation of Premium roses since 2002. We pride ourselves on our reputation for working in harmony with nature and the Andean culture in providing the finest selection of roses, directly from our farm.

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